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At the age of 16, I had the privilege of undertaking my inaugural translation endeavor, which also marked my first paid assignment. The setting was an unforgettable trip to New York City with a group of friends. During our sojourn, two of my companions expressed apprehension about navigating the bustling streets of Manhattan due to their limited command of the English language. It was then that they approached me, beseeching me to adjust my plans and accompany them as their trusted translator.

Together, we embarked on an exhilarating adventure, embarking on the subway and alighting at the vibrant locale of 42nd street. There, we found ourselves immersed in an unabating shopping spree, brimming with excitement and possibilities. Throughout the day, I assumed the role of their intermediary, deftly facilitating seamless communication. In an act of profound generosity, they graciously covered my transportation expenses, treated me to delectable pizza, and even sponsored the garments I acquired that day.

That experience proved to be an epiphany, an awakening to the prodigious power wielded by language and the boundless potential residing within my own intellect. It became undeniably clear that investing my energies in the realm of translation was a profoundly meaningful pursuit. Since that transformative day, I have ceaselessly immersed myself in a realm of

perpetual comparison between the intricacies of English and Hebrew. Taking my dedication a step further, I ventured to establish a thriving translation enterprise. Collaborating harmoniously with a cohort of exceptional translators spanning diverse languages, we diligently strive to deliver exceptional translations across an expansive spectrum of linguistic realms (well, almost all languages—except for Mandarin, as of yet).